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This NYC Startup is Giving You a Reason to Save Money

With the amount of money companies spend on business trips, a little frugality on the part of the individual flyers goes a long way. But when each flyer rationalizes that their company is already spending millions on company travel, ”what does a $400 upgrade matter?” The way to combat this lies is Rocketrip. Simply put, they give you a quote for how much a trip normally would cost and whatever you don’t spend you get half back. The gamifed travel platform is a no-brainer, as you can only gain by using it!

AlleyWatch got in touch with founder and CEO Dan Ruch to talk about business travel in the U.S as well as how Rocketrip’s service is making it a lot more fun.

Tell us about the product or service.

Rocketrip cuts a company’s travel expenses by incentivizing employees to spend less on their flights, hotels, and rental cars. Before booking their trips, business travelers get custom budgets based on real-time data, and if they come in under, they keep half the savings. On average Rocketrip reduces a client’s trip cost more than 25%.

How is it different?

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