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This NYC Startup Just Made a CRM Software that Can Take Care of Your Customer Emails

Running an E-Commerce company can get messy. You are managing multiple accounts through different marketplaces and with the amount of compartmentalizing and customer service required, you don’t know how to attack this problem without hiring 10 more customer services agents. This is where ChannelReply comes in handy. It’s the Zendesk for your Amazon,Ebay, and every other sellin platform your business is onWith a Launched just 4 months ago, the startup has been gaining slow and steady traction, averaging more than a new customer each day.

We checked in with Michael Dash, the Cofounder & CEO, to talk about his plans for ChannelReply and what really makes it unique.

Tell us about the product or service.

ChannelReply is a cloud-based Saas that connects popular CRM software’s with major eCommerce marketplaces. It transforms customer messages into threaded and neatly organized support tickets, complete with order information providing sellers with a full Marketplace CRM solution.

How is it different?

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