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This NYC Startup Just Put the Venture Back in Adventure

Meeting fellow travelers or hikers can often give a trip an added flare. Whether it’s that guy who is hiking with no shoes or an older globetrotter who gives you his 3 rules of travelling, these tend to be the individuals you never forget. While these encounters usually happen spontaneously, there is now an app that can make these interactions an everyday occurrence…while you are traveling that is. CheckedIn, the social traveling app lets you connect with other people through the activities you love doing as well as working as your concierge link to wherever you are staying the night. Checkedin ensures you have a bland trip again.

AlleyWatch spoke with cofounders Zach Messenger and Evan O’Connor about the company and why the app is a must for any traveller.

Tell us about the product or service.

CheckedIn is the modern traveler’s mobile application. By connecting people through common interests (e.g. health nut, beer snob, foodie) and activities (e.g. be active, shop, drink, eat), the platform encourages travelers to interact, network, develop friendships, and explore the world around them – outside the four walls of their room.

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