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This NYC Startup Just Took Flight So That You Can Fly Smarter

Booking personal flights has never been easier. In just a few clicks you can buy your ticket and if you are early enough can even get that aisle seat you “need”. Business trip booking is a much different story. There are often bigger complications and you need more than the run of the mill flight booking service. The cure to this problem may just lie in 30SecondsToFly. The flight management’s texting service, Claire, gives you instant results as well as lets you send a simple text instead of having to busy your life filtering out what you don’t want. With two strong and experienced founders this company is bound to take flight.

We spoke with cofounder Felicia Schneiderhan about why your next flight should be booked by30SecondsToFly as well as what happened that prompted the company to be made.

Tell us about the product or service.

We believe in conversational B2B software with a data-driven core.

Claire is a light corporate travel management solution powered by A.I. Our software interfaces with business travelers via conversational UI – they book travel by sending a simple SMS or Slack message to Claire, our bot. On the back, each company configures Claire via a simple and intuitive control panel from which admins manage their business travelers, adjust travel policies with just a few clicks and access the company’s travel analytics.

How is it different?

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