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This NYC Startup Raised $40M to Make America Smart Again

Going into a new job there are often new things to learn that you may not have experience in. Not wanting to seem like you have no clue what you are doing, you want a resource that can educate you about your own job. Grovo has you covered. With microlearning readymade videos for you to absorb, you can avoid seeming like the “new guy who has no clue what’s flying”. With well-known companies such as Major League Baseball, SurveyMonkey and Capital One using the Grovo platform, there is no end in sight for how many more companies will improve thanks to them.

CEO Jeff Fernandez speaks with AlleyWatch about the future of workplace education, their recent funding and the one text that started it all…

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

Grovo raised $40 million in our Series C round, led by Accel, who has supported and believed in our vision since the very beginning. Accel also led our $15M Series B announced in Feb. 2015 and participated in Series A and Seed rounds. Other participants include Costanoa Venture Capital, SoftTechVC, and Greg Waldorf, and Vayner Capital.



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