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This NYC Startup is Rethinking Vines

If you want to make a quick video but want a little more than just your iPhone your options are limited. Unless you have fancy software that you don’t mind using, there should be an easier way to express your creativity through media. Thanks to Playy you should never run into this quandary again. With their platform bringing together up and coming artists and producers, all you have to do is create your video around it. Just like that you can go from doing nothing on your phone to making a 10- second video the whole world can’t wait to see.

With their dynamic app in place, Marc Milberg & Stoyan Vasilev tell AlleyWatch about the various markets they plan on tackling.

Tell us about the product or service.

Playy gives its users the ability to discover music through video. Our product allows music fans to shoot a 10-second video with a library of tracks uploaded directly by rights holders. Our aim is to show the artistic properties of user-generated content while deepening fans’ connection with the music/genres they have a passion for.

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