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NYC sub-sector trends in 2016

By Shai Goldman

Many people ask what is happening in the NYC startup scene and they still assume it is mostly adtech, commerce and content.  That might have been true in the past, but it’s not what is happening now, at least based on anecdotes and what I’m seeing.  Decided to do use some data to see if this accurate.  Used Pitchbook to this query:

  • Seed and Series A rounds
  • rounds done in 2016
  • NY HQ’d companies

Below is the dollars & percentage breakdown of sub-sector activity.

The surprising trends will likely be that SaaS is leading all the sub-sectors.  Secondly, the trend in healthcare, big data, AI/ML will be an eye-opener.   Overall, NYC is really balanced in term of sub-sectors and isn’t overly dependent on one to drive future returns.

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