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NYU students take you into a clockmaker’s workshop with mobile game Cognition

Above: Cognition was created by a team of NYU students. Image Credit: Cognition

If you ever feel like a cog in a wheel, then you might relate to Cognition, the first game from a student-led team called Luna Five. It debuts today on iOS.

Cognition is a “tap-former” puzzle game for iOS devices that requires players to use careful planning and a nimble finger to control two perpetually rotating cogs named Click and Cogsworth. By tapping on the screen, players will stop one cog which frees up the other cog to move, thus allowing players to navigate past challenging puzzles and explore the magical world of clockmaker’s workshop in a lovingly hand-drawn environment.

It’s a unique game that will test whether a team of students still has a place in the ultra-competitive $36 billion mobile game business. The team comes from five students — Kai Liang Teo, Siyuan Wang, Wen Shi, Alexander Feigenbaum, and Christopher McGinnis — at New York University’s Game Center Incubator program. I met them at our GamesBeat roadshow on mobile influencers in New York in June.

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