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Quarterly Events Preview Q1 2016: March Spotlight Event

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit | 10-11 March 2016 | Sheraton New York, Times Square

Digital.NYC Insider’s Look Interview with Nathan Meyer, Head of The Digital Division, The Innovation Enterprise

What sets Digital Marketing Innovation Summit apart from other conferences?

I think the key thing we have always emphasised and stuck to in our ethos is quality. We have always kept to a strict speaking policy to best ensure the agenda created is relevant, effective, and informative. By doing this it has allowed us to keep a high level audience, as in people want to integrate and learn from one another, which is not possible at larger shows where the audience size is too big. We really pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere within the summit room for forward thinkers, challenging minds, and people who want answers. You can see this from the interaction from and with speakers as well as in the networking areas.

What will set this year’s Digital Marketing Innovation Summit apart from previous years?

I think the quality this year is fantastic. When you take digital marketing and look back over the last 5 years we have all been heading in a direction and following the same journey and this is beginning to change. 2016 will bring a much wider talent pool of effective digital minds who can really shape the way we market, engage audiences, and use technology. Through the way this has developed and with a stellar line up we can only expect this to be the best one to date.

How many attendees do you generally receive? Where do they come from? What sectors?

We generally expect between 130-150 attendees of a senior level from brand and B2C markets mostly working across different marketing and digital focused functions. We have a real mix of industry and business types which makes for a great networking aspect.

Are there any new components or features that attendees should look forward to this year?

We are always implementing more ways to get people interacting. Going into this years conference that is just as important for us. We want an active room where people feel comfortable to openly discuss their challenges but help others alike with their solutions.

What can attendees walk away with or how will this event change the conversation around tech?

The three main things attendees walk away with are: real insight into relevant and thought provoking case studies and information; key connections made due to the seniority and experience of the audience; and a fresh mind and approach to your daily work from leaders within the space.

What is the panel or speaker you are most excited about and why?

The panel titled “Driving Engagement and Marketing Scope Through Data.” Data and the discussion around it is no new thing, but in 2016 I think we are moving into a more mature understanding of how we can actually best utilise this from a marketing standpoint. I think we will see much more content and action around data within marketing and a whole new approach to testing.

Is there a way for non-attendees to follow the conversation? Twitter handle? Live feed?

We will be tweeting with #DigiMarketing.

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