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Quarterly Events Preview Q1 2017: February Spotlight Event - Social Media Week

Social Media Week New York, February 28th – March 3rd, The Times Center NY

Recently, Digital.NYC’s editor, Marcos Dinnerstein, spoke with Anthony Vallone Jr., Director of Marketing to learn what people can expect from Social Media Week this year.

Please give us an overview of this year’s event and what theme you might have in store.

At Social Media Week New York, we will focus on creating a content experience that provides attendees with new ideas, insights and best practices in media and technology at a brand new venue optimal for networking and collaboration throughout the week.

Our theme this year is Language and the Machine. This year we will be discussing the industry’s most important trends, conversations, and best practices as it relates to technological advances and how it affects the way we speak and communicate. Throughout the course of the week we will cover topics that include the future of video advertising, AI assistants, Chatbots, and many others that are sure to attendees a once in a lifetime experience.

How many attendees do you generally receive? Where do they come from? What sectors?  

On average, Social Media Week New York brings together 1000+ attendees who travel from all across the United States and Internationally. We have attendees that come from a variety of industries, but the majority of our attendees come from the marketing/advertising, media/publishing, and nonprofit sectors.

What can attendees walk away with or how will this event change the conversation around tech and social media in particular?

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the business, art, science, and future of digital media and how it will affect companies and individuals.  We will be looking into VR, AI, market testing, and many other topics will drive the marketing and digital strategies through 2017 and beyond.

What is the panel or speaker you are most excited about and why?

We’re really excited for Megan Summers, who runs production globally for Facebook’s Creative Shop team, to take the stage and discuss new storytelling principles and languages in the age of VR, 360 and the Feed. Among many, this session will touch upon our 2017 global theme, “Language and the Machine: Algorithms and the Future of Communication,” which examines new elements of language, including GIFs, emojis, online video, voice commands, haptic responses, chatbots and dozens of other forms of communication.

What sets this conference apart from other tech conferences?

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.

Social Media Week is a real-world manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer - ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future.

What will set this year’s event apart from previous years?  

Each year Social Media Week New York changes its global theme. This year we decided to connect technology and communication.  We believe that the next wave of innovation in regards to the technology we use to communicate will drastically change. Never before have we ventured into the virtual reality and artificial intelligence fields in such depth.

Are there any new components or features that attendees should look forward to this year?

There are several new additions to the attendee experience at #SMWNYC this year. Some highlights include bringing the second official stage under the same roof at The TimesCenter, which means more sessions and learning opportunities all in the same building.

We’re also hosting a “VR Showcase” to display some of the industry’s most impressive and future-thinking ideas and technology in virtual reality, from hardware and cameras to case studies and innovations in visual storytelling.

Attendees also receive three months of complimentary access to our new live and on-demand video platform, SMW Insider, which allows users to watch official events on any device either in real-time, or at their own pace after the conference. There are also exclusive speaker interviews and video archives of past SMW conferences. Individuals unable to attend #SMWNYC can sign up for SMW Insider (3-month and annual subscription options) to watch all the action from their own home or office, anywhere in the world.

Is there a way for non-attendees to follow the conversation? Twitter handle? Live feed?  

For non-attendees, they can follow and join in on the conversation by using #SMWNYC. Our twitter handle they can interact with for the most up to date information is @SMWNYC.  We are offering a live feed that can be accessed by having one of our SMW Insider platform subscriptions.

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