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The Six Tech Advances In Higher Ed That Are Preparing Students For The Future Of Work

Tech is changing the traditional college experience. Here's what's happening now, and what's on the horizon.


Media coverage of higher education often focuses on the increased cost of college that places its graduates into an overload of debt with no decent job at the end. What’s often missing in that coverage is how higher education globally is developing technological innovations that are tremendous catalysts of change.

Two decades-old international education organizations on the forefront of technological change are the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). Last month they published the NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition that charts emerging technologies in higher education.


Makerspaces and Affective Computing are two of six key developments the Horizon report lists as modern technologies—along with six trends and six challenges—having a big impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in colleges. All are very likely to achieve widespread adoption over the next five years and significantly alter the workforce of the near future.

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