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Standout numbers from the Flatiron School’s employment report

(Photo by Attribution Engine user Daniel H, used under a Creative Commons license)

Some 97 percent of students got jobs, but the numbers get much more complicated from there.

It’s been a rough month for coding bootcamps. Both Dev Bootcampand Washington, D.C.’s The Iron Yard announced plans to close down.

As our sister site in Philadelphia wrote:

Both decisions were ultimately fueled by a rough climate in the coding education space. As more and more dev bootcamps popped up across the country, the supply of baseline talent increased, making it harder for fresh grads to immediately land jobs in tech. It’s part of what the San Francisco Chronicle is calling a “time of transition in the coding camp industry.”

The Flatiron School, one of the nation’s top coding schools just released its annual jobs report, though, so we thought we’d dig in to see the numbers that pop out:


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