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Startup Rocketrip uses behavioral psychology to lower employers' corporate travel costs

Proprietary algorithm helps make business expenses a game with cash prizes

A New York-based startup is helping businesses save on what is often their third-largest operating expense—corporate travel—by creatively incentivizing employees to spend less.

Since its founding three years ago, Rocketrip has worked with 26 companies in the New York City area to save them $2.1 million combined on travel expenses, according to the company. Nationally, it has more than 50 client companies that collectively spend more than $2 billion on travel annually. Typical clients range from midmarket privately held companies to some of the largest employers in the world, and spend about $1 million on travel for every 100 employees.

By year-end, companies around the world are expected to have spent $1.3 trillion on corporate travel, according to Global Business Travel Association. By helping companies develop an employee culture of cost-consciousness, Rocketrip sees an opportunity for growth.

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