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This Startup Wants You to Never Regret Getting a Tattoo

Ephemeral, a removable tattoo ink company, won Inc.'s Coolest College Startups championship round. See how they got there--and if they can convince you to get a tattoo.

Editor's Note: This article is part of Inc.'s 2016 Coolest College Startups package. 

Seung Shin was a freshman at New York University in 2011 when he decided to get a tattoo. He thought it would look cool--until spring break came along and he had to face his very traditional family with the word "faith" etched on his underarm in large, cursive letters.

That's when Shin began the long and arduous process of removing the ink. After one laser surgery session and only $500 into the $3,000 process, he was struck by an idea: What if you could apply a tattoo with permanent-yet-removable ink?

That idea is now Ephemeral, a startup run by Shin, who is an engineer, and a group of NYU co-founders, including COO Joshua Sakhai, a statistics and computer science major. 

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