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Taboola ups its reporting innovation with New York Daily News

The deal adds another paper to Taboola’s list of major clients which includes the Chicago Tribune and USA Today

Content discovery platform Taboola has just added the New York Daily News to a list of major corporate clients referring users between websites. They join AOL, MSN and German newspaper Die Welt as one of the company’s major publishing partners.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or not finishing your news articles), you know that Taboola touts software that uses predictive algorithms to analyze hundreds of signals in real time about what content users might want to click on.

It’s worth noting that the Daily News (which you should not confuse with the New York Post) also manages Daily News Digital Solutions and the Innovation Lab (@DailyNewsLab) out of New York City. The Lab hosts a series of events called Conversations, including the upcoming “VR in Immersive Storytelling: What’s Worked and What’s Next” on March 9. They have worked with two startups so  far: Datavisual, Inc. and Optimera, the latter founded by Daily News vet Keith Candiotti.


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