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TARA Biosystems Raises $10M to Grow Human Tissue Outside of the Body to Aid in the Development of New Drugs

The average time to get a drug to market, crossing FDA hurdles, is 12 years and costs in excess of $1B. And in those twelve years, there is animal testing, human trials, and dozens of other steps that a company needs to go through. TARA Biosystems has found a way to generate human tissue OUTSIDE of the body that can be used in the drug development process to test safety and effectiveness without harming animals or risking human life. CEO Misti Ushio shares some insight on the potential of in vitro biology for drug development, TARA Biosystem's different lines of business, and recent funding round from investors that include OMX Ventures, Merieux Equity Partners, Partnership Fund for New York City, Trancos Ventures, DEFTA Partners, and Tachyon Ventures. Read Complete Article