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Taxis get into the ride-share game with new app

The taxi industry hopes to answer UberPool and LyftLine with ride-share feature through Arro and Curb or on the standalone app Bandwagon.   Passengers can now join a priority line at LaGuardia and JFK airport taxi stands and split the fare with someone going in the same direction

The taxi industry now has an answer to UberPool and LyftLine: an app that matches up riders for trips at reduced fares in yellow cabs from LaGuardia and JFK airports.

By the end of the year the service will be available anywhere in the city, via the Bandwagon app or a tab on Arro and Curb apps, which work with all cabs in the city. Destination match-ups will more easily be made during periods of high demand.

The airport service—a joint venture between Brooklyn-based startup Bandwagon and taxi owner-backed CMT Group, which operates Arro—was announced Wednesday. CMT manages the payment systems and backseat TVs in about 8,000 cabs, 6,700 of which are yellow cabs, or half the city's fleet. Bandwagon's integration with rival payment-service provider Verifone—operator of Curb—is in the works.

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