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Teen Innovators tackle 3D printing during New Lab tour

Teen Innovators touring New Lab in 2016. (Courtesy photo)

For Aaliyah Green, 16, of Westinghouse High School, while some friends thought she was “joining the Navy” with the Teen Innovators program at the Navy Yard, in reality, she’s gotten to see New Lab entrepreneurs trying to print with chocolate, learn about rooftop gardening, and more.


“I’m amazed that so many things are here,” said Tyshon Hinds, 17, of Bedford Academy. “There is so much 3D printing can do, but there are limitations, only so much time, so how can you use it productively?”

“It is challenging to integrate 3D printing into the classroom because students and teachers are way too overworked,” said Teen Innovator alum and current mentor Abdul Mutawally, 17, who plans to study computer science in college and mentored the five students on the Ultimaker task. “3D printing is not foreign to us — we’ve done it in engineering class — but how do you implement it in English and History? How do you integrate it in the lesson plan and be engaging? We have to have a long-lasting impact, not something for one-time use.”

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