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These 20 startups are the rising stars of Brooklyn: realLIST 2017

These are the most promising startups the borough has to offer.  

Startupland can be a tricky place to have a solid handle on sometimes, for all the marketing, hustling and image-making that goes on. In a world where funding rounds and valuations are based on the perceived strength of a startup, “Fake it till you make it,” is not an ironic phrase, but a founding motto for some.

And conversely, “Are they for real?” is among the first questions we ask on the editorial side.

So that’s why we at created the realLIST, an annual ranking of the most exciting and most legit young startups in Brooklyn. We’ve been following these companies and we will continue to keep close tabs on them and their progress. And if you have suggestions for next year’s list, we’re all ears!

Not every company we cover was considered for our realLIST. Here are the ground rules we set for the process:

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