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Uber says demand in New York City is up 30 percent since prices were cut

Uber has taken a lot of flack from some of its drivers since it lowered fares in January, but the ride-hail company argues that the cheaper rides are having the desired effect. In New York City, for example, where fares were cut 15 percent on January 28th, demand for uberX rides in some neighborhoods has risen over 50 percent in the three weeks since the cut, compared to the previous three weeks, the company says. Trips in Soundview in the Bronx and Jamaica in Queens, both working-class neighborhoods, rose 55 percent and 51 percent, respectively.  

Uber did not release trip data for the entire city, but in a separate blog post it provided a borough-by-borough breakdown of demand in the three weeks after the fare cut. When averaged together, demand for uberX rides rose 31.4 percent in the first three weeks of February. But by highlighting the outer boroughs, Uber appears to be responding to critics who say the cut hurts drivers, many of whom live in those very neighborhoods.

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