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Uber taps WageWorks to let commuters pay for UberPool ride-shares using pretax dollars

Uber has revealed that its UberPool ride-sharing service can now be paid for using pretax dollars, thanks to a tie-up with consumer benefit platformWageWorks.

Founded in 2000, WageWorks administers voluntary employee benefit programs on behalf of employers across health and travel sectors. One of these programs is WageWorks Commuter Benefits, which essentially saves commuters money by letting them use their pretax earnings to pay for eligible commuting expenses, which have so far included bus and train fares. From today, these will also include UberPool rides.

Many people already use UberPool to save money, as it lets travelers who are going in the same direction “pool” their resources to cut individual costs. Now they could potentially save even more if their employer is signed up to WageWorks.

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