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Using the new app Anchor, WNYC is experimenting with social audio

“It’s very hard to share audio on social media, and now we have a place to go and share our voices and hear the voices of our fans too.”

On Tuesday, WNYC reporter Arun Venugopal published a seven-minute story examining the role of political correctness in American society. After the story was posted, listeners debated PC culture in the comments section of WNYC’s website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Anchor_appThe reaction was what you’d expect for any story on a topic that evokes strong feelings. But WNYC began a conversation with listeners about political correctness two weeks ago, before the story was even broadcast.

Venugopal took to Anchor, a new iOS app that lets users post short audio clips, to ask: “Do you think political correctness — what some people merely call being tolerate and civil — does it genuinely affect how people express themselves?”

Venugopal’s initial post has been played more than 2,000 times and elicited 26 responses from listeners who recorded their own posts answering his question and engaging with others in the thread.

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