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Want to Succeed in Tech? Do Not Major in Computer Science

Say what?!?

Conventional wisdom says that if you want to be a success, you need a degree in whatever field you want to work in. No degree, no chance. While that is true for some fields (for example, please do not try to be a nurse if you have not gone to college!), it is just not the case in tech!

In fact, computer science degrees are kind of a dime a dozen in the tech world. So many people have them that they no longer stand out. In fact, employers are often looking specifically for the people who can show they have tech skills but did not major in computer science or another tech-related field.

I am a great example of that. I dropped out of college, taught myself tech skills and have experience that includes everything from being an insurance agent to filmmaking! I worked my way into tech positions on the job, and I have never even been asked about a degree (in fact, I do not think anyone has ever even asked me if I graduated from high school, let alone college; and I have one friend who’s lead design teams at some top tech companies who did not graduate from high school).

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