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With WeWork and Flatiron School merger, coding bootcamps are set to proliferate

Students immersed in code at the Flatiron School.

It's been a rocky year for several coding schools. But Adam Enbar, the Flatiron School's cofounder, believes now is the time to grow.

This year hasn’t been the kindest to coding schools. Over the summer, two of them — Dev Bootcamp and The Iron Yard — closed.

But WeWork is still bullish on their potential, apparently. This week, the coworking giant announced its acquisition of the Flatiron School. The Flatiron School, for now, only has one location, in lower Manhattan, but as its web page detailing the acquisition indicates, that will eventually change. Adam Enbar, the cofounder of the Flatiron School, told that future schools will be located within WeWork locations.

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