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What could happen if the L shuts down, in maps

Gothamist ruled the news late last month, scooping the New York media behemoths when it somewhat confusingly reported a blind item about the L train potentially being shut down for repairsL Train Service Between Brooklyn & Manhattan May Be Shut Down For Years, the headline blared. Large swaths of Brooklyn got worried.

“A disruption of epic proportions potentially looms for New Yorkers who rely on the L train to get in and out of Manhattan,” the article, which has become taken as the final word in many a Brooklyn conversation, said. “The project to repair the Canarsie Tube is projected to take three years, and the MTA is considering shutting down service between Manhattan and Brooklyn entirely to get it done, according to MTA sources familiar with the initiative.”

So Brooklyn’s mapping mavens, CartoDBtook a minute to think critically and find out what affect an L train shutdown would actually have.

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