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What you don’t know about VR and AR that you should: 5 Brooklyn experts weigh in

A BAM visitor experiences virtual reality.

We asked five Brooklynites working in fields from art to real estate what the good word is in AR/VR.

Discussions of virtual and augmented reality offer a window into what the digital world might look like tomorrow. But there’s also a lot of noise when hearing about what the future holds for these technologies. So we decided to track down a few Brooklynites using AR and VR in interesting ways and asked them the simple question:

What don’t people know about AR/VR that they should?

Here’s what we heard:

1. It’s opening up a new world for artists.

Carla Gannis is a professor in the digital arts department at Pratt. Last year she had a show at East Williamsburg’s Transfer Gallery of her work in digital media, A Subject Self-Defined.

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