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Who is served by Citi Bike?

A new map from CartoDB user jferzoco visualizes the area served by each Citi Bike station.

How far must you walk to find your closest Citi Bike? It’s the question upon which the viability of the program lies.

A new map from CartoDB user jferzoco visualizes the area served by each Citi Bike station. As you can see, basically all of Manhattan, as well as Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Downtown Brooklyn and Dumbo are well-covered. Heading out into Bushwick, not so much, and live below the park? Forget it.

The map brings to mind another map we’ve posted recently, which shows income by census tract in Brooklyn (and elsewhere).

The two maps correlate very strongly, even down to the Citi Bike desert in South Williamsburg, which is lower income and comprised primarily of the Hasidim.

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