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Why this NYU Tandon prof is mapping out all the electricity used in the city

Constantine Kontokosta teaching at NYU Tandon. (Photo courtesy of NYU Tandon)

Buildings produce 40 percent of carbon emissions in the country. Constantine Kontakosta is working to change that.

Buildings are carbon dioxide factories, office buildings especially so. About 40 percent of the carbon dioxide produced in the country comes from buildings.

That’s where Constantine Kontakosta is interested. The NYU Tandon professor and director of its Urban Intelligence Lab has been working on collecting and analyzing data from the city’s buildings for years. Earlier this month, the National Science Foundation awarded Kontakosta and his colleague at Tandon, Joseph Chow, its Faculty Early Career Development Award, or CAREER award, earlier this month. (Editor’s note: The first part of this piece, on Chow, was published yesterday.) The National Science Foundation describes the CAREER Award as the “most prestigious award in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education.”

“We have a treasure trove of information of 23,000 buildings across the city each year and it’s given us this incredible insight into how buildings are using energy and

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