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WTF Is Quantum Computing? A 5-Minute Primer

Above is an actual quantum computer. Below we'll explain what you need to know about this new technology in 1,000 words.

We’ve recently been diving deep on funding to quantum computing startups, working in a nascent industry that saw more than 100% growth in dollar investments last year, as well as notable increases in the number of investors and startups in the space.

But some of our newsletter readers pointed out that it would be helpful to have a primer with a high-level view on quantum computing. If this is you, here we go.

1) What are quantum computers? 

Quantum computers rely on naturally occurring quantum-mechanical phenomena — basically two important states of matter known as superposition and entanglement. These states of matter, when harnessed for computing purposes, can speed up our ability to perform computations on complex sets of data.

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