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MetaSquare is an upcoming provider of technology-driven business solutions. Providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.

ZonerApp, Inc.

Zoner is a revenue generating SAAS that provides transparency of the building restrictions, quickly and cost-effectively to real estate project stakeholders.


Better fashion m-commerce: fun, social, customized to your tastes. A fix of inspiration that learns from what you love to discover and shop for great fashion

Neibr Inc.

Neibr (pronounced Neighbor) is a peer-to-peer network that allows you to build the real-world connections you desire through local activities, clubs and dates!


WTM.NEWS is an online platform made to drive great local experiences through peer-driven content.

Whim LLC

An app that allows college students to socialize on an impulse by paring contact lists ranked by availability and proximity with a streamlined invitation system


Collaborative Darwinism for the Global Venture Economy.


Lumina provides custom websites, apps, and software to businesses in New York and more.

Rocketstar, LLC

We are developing a new Aerospike Rocket Engine that will do for the rocket industry what the jet engine did for airlines: cheap, reliable and reusable travel.


"The new smart way to defrost food", let us save you time and water while you defrost in a safe refrigerated environment.

Salejobs.NYC is a hiring platform that MATCHES Sales Professionals with employees based on EXTENSIVE DATA from both jobseekers and hiring parties.

The Lobby

The Lobby is a social networking website that allows the tenants of individual office buildings to communicate and get lunch with each other.

Gattopardo Usa Corp

Gattopardo is a state-of-the-art brand, which collides military technology with fashion design to provide you with the luxury of comfort and safety.


AlleyWatch is the single largest organization focused on the NYC Startup, Tech, and Entrepreneurial ecosystem.


One stop shop for international tech startups that want to accelerate their landing, scaling and fundraising in the US through New York City

The Bureau

The Bureau (formerly RODAWG) is the premiere crafter of sophisticated cannabis essentials, with a focus on quality, design, and safety.

Interconnected Technologies, LLC

Interconnected Technologies, LLC is an independent consulting services organization providing IT support and services to the greater New York City area.


We bring the experience of an open house right in the comfort of your own.