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24/7 TEACH

We are an Online Marketplace and Ecosystem for K-12 Educational Services and Training.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


We are an e-learning ecosystem and marketplace connecting parents, students, and educators to digital content, e-learning platforms, virtual education, and training 24/7. Our mission is to ensure access to quality education and human development for all, regardless of race, location, income, and access to technology 24/7. Our brands, websites, and services include: 24/7 Digital Classrooms ( - Personalized e-learning and e-commerce platforms for teachers, tutors, trainers and small schools. 24/7 Learning Center ( - Online teaching, tutoring, and learning marketplace that connects students with practice tests, self-guided courses, live online classes, student analytics, lesson recommendations, and qualified online teachers, tutors, and trainers. 24/7 Learning Academy ( - Education Managment organization focussed on creating and managing schools of the future. Our business model includes free, pay-per-use, and subscription services. 1. Freemium: Access to Platform for All Users: Includes use of e-learning platform and practice assessments. 2. Pay-per-use: Sell Live Education Support Services to Parents/Students: Sell a-la-carte and blocked access to live tutors and live group classes to users. Sell Premium Content to Parents/Students: Sell access to original course content created in partnership with 24/7 Teach instructors. 3. Subscription: Sell Premium Memberships to Parents/Students: Sell discounted access to education consultants, live tutors, group classes, premium content, student analytics and recommendations of additional lessons/courses that support content mastery. License E-Learning Platforms to Instructors and Schools: White label platforms for schools and independent educators to provide instruction anywhere, anytime.


Justice Jones


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