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Called 'OkCupid for Finding Pets' and 'Tinder for Dogs,' AllPaws is a modern web & mobile experience for finding pets to adopt and connecting with pet lovers.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


AllPaws represents an exciting growth opportunity in the $60B pets market from a founder with a proven track record * Launched in early 2014, AllPaws offers a fresh and modern approach to finding a new pet by combining sophisticated online dating functionality, advanced search tools, robust pet profiles and a deep social integration * The platform currently consists of a destination website and pet adoption iPhone App with additional mobile offerings and community-based features in the pipeline. * AllPaws is already a large player in the pet adoption space with a strong growth plan to expand the market opportunity and double down on Point of Market Entry * Existing traction (700k visits/mo, 1,000 new sign-ups per day) with meaningful revenue generation from direct ad buys/site sponsorships already ($500,000-$750,000 in 2015 revenue) * Proven ability to attract top brands for advertising/sponsorship with multiple 6-figure revenue deals closed * Demonstrated ability to build quality products. Multiple product recommendations including trending on homepage of Product Hunt * iPhone App launched < 1 year ago is growing steadily & features strong engagement metrics significantly ahead of category benchmarks * Mobile Opportunity – Product roadmap calls for increased mobile focus in a space with no established leadership on mobile * Large existing user base provides ability to attain immediate traction when launching new products * Multiple avenues for growth with new products, apps & features leveraging existing scale * Long-term vision is to create a market-leading community-based offering for pet lovers on mobile


Darrell Lerner


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