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Cramberry is a student-to-student marketplace for individual study guides.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Current study guide sources are costly subscriptions, so we created a marketplace for individual guides enabling students to purchase only what they need. Finding the perfect guide is difficult and time consuming, so our platform filters its supply and only accepts quality content. Cramberry’s marketplace provides students a way to improve their grades and earn extra money. Uploading's seamless, payment's digital, and acquisition's instant.


Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander Jordan

Concentrated in Finance and Entrepreneurship at Babson College. Presently works as Chief Executive Officer at Cramberry. coordinating the core business strategy with its active elements as well as organizing and executing fundraising activities. Specialties: Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Product Development, Operations Management

Co-Founder & COO

Tom Shields

Leads Cramberry's in-field sales team, customer acquisition efforts, customer feedback collection, local partnerships / promotions programs, and ambassador network expansion / management. He also interprets in-field data to guide the in-house development team towards user interface and experience improvements.

Co-Founder & CTO

Justin Bureau

Software Engineer and Masters in Design / Innovation (Graduated from EMLyon & CENTRALE Lyon in France) with over 7 years experience in designing and building digital products. He designs, builds and manages the entire tech side of the company.


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