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DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare recruiting, using predictive analytics to identify which physicians are interested in moving jobs.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


The problem: On average hospitals have 15% positions vacant, losing $200k p/m in patient revenue as well as huge costs of recruiters and temp wages. DocDelta solves this by identifying the doctors with the itch to move jobs. We analyze terabytes of data to find top physicians, assess their flight risk probability, and create deep candidate profiles. We sell our software solution to hospitals and staffing firms for ~$100,000 p/a.


Simon Marcus

Co-founder and CTO

Chris Toudic

- Experience as tech lead at 4 different startups - Most recently CTO of a $55M business for healthcare data collection and analysis

CEO and Co-founder

John Dymond

- MBA with experience in multiple healthcare startups including building the WorldOne/Sermo physician social network - Achieved gross annual sales of $20M and ran global business P&L

Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer

Simone Gabbriellini

- PhD in Sociology and PostDoctoral fellow at Universite Paris-Sorbonne - Experience as independent consultant in Social Network Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling for academic and private clients


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