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DomainPaid, Inc.

At the most basic level, owning a domain name today is the digital equivalent of owning a piece of land in the real world real estate market


Founded: 2012
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:

Overview is an internet domain registrar, aggregater and web-services provider. Nearly every day, businesses face the challenges of acquiring a suitable domain name for their brand, given the capabilities of sustaining growth and securely transferring confidential business information. We facilitate our customers' management, integration, transfer, registration, liquidation, trading, parking, hosting, advertising and more with domain names


CEO and Founder

Daniel G Fainman

Mr. Fainman possesses the skills to generate substantial sales regardless of the economic climate. Daniel Fainman is self taught software engineer (html, css, javascript, jquery, ajax). Fainman has an astonishing reverse- engineering capability with a high-quality and precise vision in SaaS Information Financial and Social software engineering. Fainman possesses more than five years of internet, legal and business-related expertise.

CTO and Co Founder

Ramon Sanchez

Ramon Sanchez is the co-founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of He is a graphic designer with skills in html, css, javascript, ajax, jquery, json, php and mysql. Sanchez has over 15 years of design capabilities, engineering experience and extensive programming knowledge of the latest open-source technologies.

Daniel Fainman


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