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Fantasy Life App

Mobile community for guys to find content, get advice, discuss all things sports, entertainment, and life.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Simply, there isn’t a great sports community for guys. Communities, as you know, are extremely difficult to build. It is hard to build a specific community on top of a platform. Fantasy Life is a mobile community for guys to find content, get advice, discuss all things sports, entertainment, and life. We solve three problems: 1. Discuss sports on your phone 2. Quick way to get feedback and advice 3. Connecting strangers with similar interests



Charlie Russell

Charlie is focused on Product Management, Marketing and Growth, Community Management, and Business Strategy. Charlie has a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Purdue University. He has worked at a sports agency, has been an editor at a college newspaper, has been a consultant on multiple apps, managing tech and design. Built Fantasy Life from 0-85,000 users.


Mark Welsh

Mark is focused on Product Management, User Growth, User Retention, Creative Branding, Business Strategy, and Business Development. Started first business in college, selling $50k of product. Approached Matthew Berry at a book signing to take a shot at working with Mark and Charlie to build what is now Fantasy Life.

Co-Founder | Chairman

Matthew Berry

ESPN's Matthew Berry is the face of the fantasy sports industry. He's an Emmy Award Winner, a New York Times Bestseller, and has the #1 Digital Audio Podcast on ESPN (26 million listens). Beyond that, he is an accomplished entrepreneur (website acquired by ESPN), has a love for emerging technology and is extremely active on Social Media (1.1 million followers across FB, TWTR, IG, and SnapChat.


Yasin Abbak

Youngest EFS Director ever @ Morgan Stanley. Won Company's Global Public Speaking contest. Youngest VP @ JP Morgan (at the time). Co-founded $420k ARR bootstrapped advertising business with Stacy.

Stacy Sailer

Top performing associate at Birchbox, helped Boomset 10x their YoY sales with Yasin, and co-founded and bootstrapped Paired Media, building a new physical ad product from scratch and hitting $420k ARR.



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