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Freelanship connects people looking for professional work experience with companies seeking quality freelancers.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 1
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Freelanship connects busy students with flexible contract-based internships. It provides them with valuable portfolio pieces & companies with affordable quality help.Students can find internships on internships. Freelancers can find freelance work on The problem is the listed opportunities are highly competitive, cost hundreds of dollars & aside from adding a line to a blank resume, the experiences & skills learned are not verified.


Founder, CEO

Lauren Holliday

Lauren Holliday is a journalist with a marketing mindset, and the founder and CEO of Freelanship, a web-based startup that will transform the world of internships. She has written for publications across Florida, including: Central Florida Future, Orlando Examiner, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly and Sun Sentinel. Holliday felt this pain of internships herself, when her father told her "No more internships." Learn more about the problem - http:/

Co-founder, CTO

Tony Bilby


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