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GoChat is a feature-rich social toolbar for websites - imagine a Meebo or Wibiya that was designed by Apple.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Exceptional "dream team" with very-strong tech - entire team can code, even the marketing guy :) Innovative venture with fully-functional mature product and initial traction. Market potential is huge; each website using GoChat contributes their entire visitor-traffic into the GoChat community.


CEO & Co-Founder

Eric David Benari

Eric is an IT business expert and master-technologist who has founded and/or built the infrastructure for a large portfolio of ventures, spanning sectors of social networks, ad networks, B2B, e-commerce, open-source and many others. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and universities, including NYU and MIT, and is a published writer for, MIT CIO Corner and other journals.

CTO & Co-Founder

Cesar D. Rodas

Cesar is a web-tech maven who has an exceptional ability to rapidly bring any cutting-edge IT concept to fruition, producing enterprise-grade products within very-condensed timeframes. Cesar has guru-level knowledge and hands-on skills in nearly-every modern technology used within open-source web apps. Cesar has been invited to speak at major industry conferences across the Americas.

Chief Networking Officer

Zachariah Rosenberg

Zac fell in love with GoChat and joined the company, leaving behind a successful Wall Street position as a Greystone division-frontman where he was generating tens of millions of dollars in new business. Zac's exceptional skills in networking & communication creates a client-excitement over GoChat that consistently leads to adoption.

Sr. Developer

Oscar Copado

✔ Eric David Benari, PMP


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