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i-Mobb llc

i-Mobb, the Free Roaming App (Android, iPhone). Make and receive calls on your device with no roaming charges for the duration of your trip.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


i-Mobb is an App currently used on iPhone and Android devices. With this App, residents of 38 major countries, traveling anywhere in the world, can take their smartphones (or tablets) to make and receive unlimited calls without any roaming charges. The service cost a minor fixed fee based on the duration of the trip. Unlimited calls can be made to 60 countries.



Bernard Drai

Engineer from a French Ivy League School, (Applied Mathematics). Worked as an international VoIP executive in Sales an Business development. Speak fluently 4 languages. Founded 3 companies in France in Direct Marketing and Technology. Founded the AJGE (Association for people from the French Ivy league Grandes Ecoles) and the monthly revue JNEWS. Studied Master of History at la Sorbonne. Diploma from IFSAL (business in South America).


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