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Versatile, modern clothes for men & women that make you look and feel smart, sexy and cool everyday via a website that delivers commerce, content and curation.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Direct to consumer business offering inspired clothing designs that are ultra-versatile: can be styled masculine on a man or feminine on a woman. Launching with an innovative web platform that combines commerce, content and curation. All merchandise is produced in NYC with an AUR of $230. Marketed to millennials worldwide who want to look professional but also reveal their creative side.



Derek Guillemette

-Launched Rent the Runway with the co-founders in 2009, helping company achieve a $250 M valuation -Ran merchandising for dresses -Over 10 years of Fashion Industry experience -Expert Featured in Instyle,, Bravo, and People Style Watch


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