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A marketplace where over 600M people living in the Caribbean and Latin America buy and sell unrestricted among themselves and the wider world.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Small and Medium Enterprises makes up over 95% of total businesses in the region; yet only 0.208% of them can be found online today. IslaCart exists to change that by coalescing the services of a very fragmented and inefficient infrastructure, leveraging existing technology to create a suite of end to end solutions (online marketplace to local delivery of goods) to solve the unique and complex challenges associated with this market.


CEO and Founder

Al Pierre

Al has studied, worked and lived throughout the length and breadth of the region, including Cuba. He is fluent in most of the spoken languages therein. He has built several businesses over the years including retail stores and a successful medical practice. Business Admin. (Finance), Public Health Administration, Medicine, Project Management, Mediation, Conflict Resolution & Web Development (Java, HTML5, CSS).

Director Sales

Regina Zafonte

BA from Penn State and MA from NYU. She has worked in various industries; Real Estate, Retail and recently as an AP World History teacher and Soccer Coach at HSMSE in NY. She has earned several awards; Top Sales Agent in Real Estate; Social Studies National Teacher of the Year and the Bernard Cohen Award for Excellence. Her illustrious career has one common theme; a penchant for excellence and a demonstrated ability to lead teams to success.

Technology Lead and Data Architect

William Velez

Robust background in release management and big data engineering with technology background. New York City native, spent his entire career working in the fast pace New York market. Worked at Johnson & Johnson as a Quality Assurance/Business Analysts for internal products.; Kaplan Inc as a Release Engineer/Linux Engineer. More recently,Genesis Media as a Linux/Data engineer. B.S. in Management Information Systems.

Product Manager

Kiran Chandran

Kiran earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University he has since worked as a Technical Analyst at Bank of America and a Product Manager at NBC Universal whilst being very active in the startup ecosystem. In his current role at NBC Universal he has led numerous projects, managing large teams to achieve corporate objective. He is a valuable addition to our team, and has demonstrated strong leadership and management


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