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Keen Home Inc.

A connected air vent that enhances the efficiency & comfort of a home’s central heating/cooling system by intelligently redirecting airflow.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 3


Keen Home develops innovations for the connected home. Our first product, the Keen Vent, is a smart home air vent that intelligently redirects central HVAC airflow. Keen Vents are installed in over-conditioned rooms and automatically opens and closes in response to a user’s home and habits—effectively reducing the square footage that needs to be conditioned at any time. A Keen Vent System has the potential to pay for itself in 1 year.



Nayeem Hussain

Nayeem Hussain spent the majority of his career in focusing on capital raising and corporate development/strategy for a satellite technology company. Nayeem’s most relevant entrepreneurial experience is as the Founder of N&N Investments LLC, a real estate investment holding company focused on acquiring and renovating distressed properties. Nayeem has experience with energy efficient home redesign and is passionate about technology.


Ryan Fant

Ryan Fant has new venture experience as a co-founder of a managed service provider of waste solutions along with 4 years consulting Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution companies. Ryan’s most relevant experience was as a Co-Founder of Solutions 360, a managed service provider of waste services. This firm utilized technology to match local and regional waste firms with national companies facing complicated waste issues.


Will McLeod

Will McLeod is a Mechanical Engineer/Product Designer who co-founded a smart-glass technology company, SmarterShade Inc, an affordable technology to make windows tint on command. This patented technology uses simple, existing manufacturing methods and can be produced for a fraction of the cost of existing smart glass technologies. Will has studied entrepreneurship, and optics to supplement his M.S., B.S. and B.A. degrees from the University o


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