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Legal Business World

THE LEADING LEGAL NEWS NETWORK - The first Online Legal TV station, endorsed by Podcast Radio and Online Publications



The first Online Legal TV Network, endorsed by radio and online publications. LBW covers legal news and insights on a global, regional, and local scale. With headline news, business news, and topical programming LBW informs and inspires. LBW adds value thru content and offers a new platform for exposure. Starting in the US, LBW will claim a part (%) of the US$1B ad spend. MORE: SEE OUR PITCH DECK


CEO | Founder

Joek Peters

Tech Savvy Media Innovator/Creator. Former Managing Director/Board Member at Wolters Kluwer Legal. Founder of Legal Business World

COO | Co-Founder

Allard Winterink

Media entrepreneur. Innovation and Business Development. Former Publishing Director at a.o. Springer | Nature. Co-Founder of Legal Business World


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