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The Leser Group

The Leser Group is a Brooklyn-based real estate company.


Founded: 2007
Employees: 50
Quick Pitch:


<a href="">The Leser Group</a> is a real estate development and property management company, which focuses on improving, developing, leasing, and acquiring mainly offices, commercial, and public institutions. The headquarters of The Leser Group are based in Brooklyn, New York. The company operates in the real estate sector within the USA.



The Leser Group

The founder of the company is Abraham Leser. Since August, 2007, he serves as the Chairman and president of the company. Income-producing properties are the target of this company. Within the company’s projects which it develops and sells, are a 230,000-square-foot residential development in Borough Park. A Murray Hill assemblage was acquired by The Leser Group in 2015.


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