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We help restaurants build their own loyal "Mob" so they can bring their regulars back more often, filling tables on demand and PROFITABLY


Founded: 2010
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


The MealMobs platform (desktop/mobile) offers a mash-up of loyalty programs, specials, last minute deals and new customer incentives all designed to boost sales at full-service restaurants. We help restaurants recognize and reward all of their best customers, not just the ones they happen to know by sight. Then, we help them communicate with loyal customers on demand and turn those “regulars” into active advocates and promoters of the restaurant.



Matthew Sitelman

Matt has fifteen years of online product management, marketing, and sales experience and has held diverse roles such as General Manager of and Regional Marketing Director for RSM McGladrey, the fifth largest accounting practice in the United States. Matt holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing from NYU with a dual concentration of brand manag

VP, Sales

Steve Purello

Steve is an experienced leader who has spent a decade focusing on enterprise level software and web- based properties catering to seasoned executives. Steve is currently the Chairman, CEO and a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight Southeast; a charity organization that provides free air transportation for those with medical or humanitarian needs. Prior to Angel Flight Southeast, Steve served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Workstream, Inc

VP, Ops

Peter DeBellis

A one-time restaurant owner, Pete currently offers human resources and management consulting services under his own shingle to a variety of small and medium-sized businesses, including several restaurant chains. After beginning his career in the management consulting field at KPMG Peat Marwick, Pete spent nearly a decade in positions of increasing responsibility within internal human resources departments at companies in the biotech and investmen


Chris Minnick

Chris has been a Web developer and Web entrepreneur since the mid-90s. He is the genius behind several successful Web start-ups, including and He is also the genius behind several not-so-successful start-ups, including, and In addition to his work with MealMobs, Chris writes, speaks, teaches, and consults on the Mobile Web and works with client bu


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