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Perfect gaming experience! fits your pocket...

No Judgment, LLC. d/b/a Taboo

Taboo creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where users can connect with others who share their unique interests and lifestyles.

Avraham Chaim Kerendian

Avraham Chaim Kerendian is an Armenian chef, Award-winning cookbook author, and traditional Armenian restaurant consultant.


WindowLikr is an enterprise technology that allows content creators to produce touch-enabled video by embedding metadata within a video file


Our GuideBox AI tech finds patterns in website customer behavior, predicts the task they’re trying to complete and what content they need to see to succeed.


Hollywood Celebrities and Hollywood Movies leather Jacket For Men & Women

Live Open House

We transform ordinary storefronts into 24-hour kiosks using interactive touch foil technology and easy to use digital signage software.

M&S Biotics, LLC

M&S Biotics leverages proprietary RFID technology and Artificial Intelligence to create more efficient, effective, and safer surgical procedures.

Medicinal Corporation

We sell the most portable and discreet handheld vaporizer available, for $99. We compete in a number of subculture and mainstream markets.


Amorphyk categorizes all your social streams and friends automatically so that you don't have to. No keywords, tags, circles lists or groups


Inspiring sustainability one beautiful face at a time.

Susty Party

Sustainable, fun, convenient household products


Italian/American Luxury Fashion Technology Brand


DNA ID connects rare disease patients to pharmaceutical researchers to enable more targeted drug and therapy development.


Roomeze specializes in renting apartments room by room through a roommate matchmaking service.

Verizon Services

Verizon regularly updates email client settings to improve security but still, there are several reasons that can hinder your work at any time of the day.


EquityZen is a marketplace for pre-IPO investments, connecting shareholders seeking liquidity with investors seeking exposure to late-stage private companies.


Reinventing The Shopping. Come From The Future. It's Hybrid.

Jon Hill Turf

I am Jon Hill and can make a lawn beautiful with good quality lawn turf. I have more than ten years experience in the lawn turf industry.


A market network that connects creatives with work and professional connections by quantifying their skills and matching them to on-demand teams.