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A sharing economy for kids education. Our tech enables a distributed workforce of leaders to market and deliver high quality outdoor kids classes everywhere.

BeanJar, Inc.

MyBeanJar delivers targeted digital coupons as rewards in mobile & online games and other content. We charge the advertisers and offer a rev share to the games.

The Beerbet, Inc.

Predict outcomes of sports events to win free beer or discounts at sports bars.

Open Sense Productions, LLC

Under my company using my own funds I produced/directed an exciting feature film, now I need a financial boost to bring this film to an audience.

Lease Auto NY

Lease Auto NY, 49 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002, +1 646-340-1787

Nutz and Botz (NBz)

Nutz and Botz is the evolution of Character Driven - Designer Clothing. Just imagine Hello Kitty on Steroids.

Thinkwik LLC


The Invested

A one-stop shop platform that allows minority college students to learn how to invest , to do it quickly , and at a low price point.


Dibsie is a product-discovery engine curated by your social network in real-time. It makes online shopping engaging, social, and fun.


We help distributed brands build momentum. Pica9 develops SaaS-based local marketing automation and digital asset management systems for multi-location brands.


Rocking Facebook Ads for eCommerce Companies

The Artistic Pursuit

The Artistic Pursuit teaches the business of being an actor through an educational video series.

Logo Orbit

Logo Orbit itself reflects professionalism containing white-collared in-house team who are committed and promising to the clients.


Smart mirrors-as-a-service for fashion retail and hospitality that improve quality of service, drive additional sales and collect unique customers data.

LoBello Communications

Strategic communications firm with a special focus on financial services, fintech, and NYC startups.


Board game with unlimited video calling and audio chat

Gig Lance

Gig Lance is a gig economy platform that facilitate a relationship between advice seeker and seller

keaton row

Keaton Row is the first online person to person retail channel pairing the time-starved woman with a personal shopper she knows and trusts.

Vital Performance

Providing high performance, low cost fashion based fitness gear and apparel. Plan is to scale quickly using social media marketing and selling in big box stores