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Like Fab, only everything in our assortment is customizable. Like Zazzle, except with stuff like Fab.


Founded: 2010
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


MODULE R is a global emporium for customizable, interactive, flexible and modular design products. We're building a curated collection of both on-demand and out-of-the-box customizable products to create the of the customization market (only with better returns). Our mission is to fulfill the promise of design democracy; our mantra is personal creativity and maximum utility. Customers? Check. Revenues? Check. Investors? Working on it!


Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Donald Rattner

Donald Rattner is the founder of MODULE R, where he curates the collection, directs the business and serves as the company media darling. A graduate of Columbia and Princeton, founder of Studio for A.R.T. and Architecture, Donald is also an award-winning architect, educator and author. He was introduced to the creative and democratizing aspects of systems-based methodologies when asked to design modular structures for a 2001 hospitality project.

Director of Sales and Merchandising

Aimee (Morris) Debaun

Aimee spent ten years in the cutthroat film industry before regaining her sanity and joining the physical fitness company Crunch to help build and run its retail operations. After its acquisition by Bally she ran a business development consultancy for SMBs. In 2010 she joined MODULE R to translate the founder’s vision into a viable retail operation. When not coddling vendors and beating up on shippers Aimee likes to walk her dogs Bodhi and Ziggy.


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