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NetworkGlobal is the world's top premium online television network in terms of video views and industry leading interviews.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 10
Quick Pitch:


NetworkGlobal provides unparalleled advertising solutions along with creating the global standard for entertaining, dynamically information rich video media.


President and CEO

Gunnar Donald Arthur Peter Larson

Gunnar is responsible for the strategic vision and overall brand, creative and operations for each NGC asset. Previously, Gunnar was Executive Producer of UN Webcast and a freelance journalist for MSNBC. Gunnar graduated from Bond University in Australia, as Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar with a degree in Journalism and International Relations.

Chief Financial Officer

Xavier Toulemonde

Xavier came to NGC with 5 years of strategic and business management. He first worked on the strategic projects (India and Saudi Arabia) of Arkema, one of the world leading chemicals companies, overseeing coordination of the team in Paris and the overall profitability of projects. Xavier graduated from HEC Paris, the best European business school for the fifth year in a row according to the Financial Times.

Global Director of Production

Manuel Ibanez

Manuel and Gunnar worked closely together at UN Webcast. With many credits as a film-maker Manuel has participated in and won several film festivals internationally. Since 2002, Additionally, Manuel is a member of the Professional Journalists Association of Peru and the United Nations International Indigenous Youth Caucus. Manuel Ibanez holds a B.A. in Film and Television Production from Garcilaso de la Vega University in Lima.

Gunnar Larson


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