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Pampadour is an online social network to discover, collect & share all things beauty, from beauty products to photos/videos & discussions.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Beauty Enthusiasts UNITE! Introducing a new way to share beauty online. Virtually store all your favorite products in your profile. Browse the Pampadour Feed to discover new products, looks, and video tutorials. Upload a photo and “Tag” it with products that inspire you. “Pamp” (share) a product to a friend that you think she’ll “Adour." Start a beauty discussion with friends, brands, professionals & fellow beauty enthusiasts. Start Pamping!



Roy Hakimian

Roy brings the male perspective to Pampadour, always in search for the ultimate grooming products that suit the modern gentleman. An attorney and entrepreneur in the luxury field, Roy’s professional experience includes a position in Coca Cola’s marketing law department, the launch of a fashion label, and consulting on branding and licensing projects.


Jennifer Hakimian

Jennifer is a self declared beauty enthusiast who was looking for a place to share her beauty wisdom. Jennifer constantly gets personal requests from friends asking for make-up recommendations as few of them have the patience or know-how to sort through endless products. She knew there had to be an easier and more dynamic way to share beauty. Pampadour is her brainchild and her vision of a social network completely devoted to beauty has come to l


Natalie Mazloumi

Natalie has over eight years of experience as a web and design consultant, engineering highly creative and interactive business solutions for retail, corporate, professional and commerce websites. Through flexible technologies and a progressive web and mobile strategy, Natalie directs the technological aspects behind Pampadour. Her efforts range from commandeering the initial design and architecture of Pampadour’s platform, ongoing performance


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